Sunday, March 1, 2009

Money, influence and the fate of democracy in New York

Errol Lewis' column from today's Daily News paints an ugly picture NYC's Board of Elections process and what is to come. All that money and influence, leaving our democracy vulnerable to the powerbrokers. And all of it unnecessary if we just keep our lever system.

Money, influence and the fate of democracy in New York: "New York, one of the last states to comply with federal laws and court orders requiring an upgrade of voting machines, is holding public hearings - the next is Wednesday night - on the pros and cons of different computerized voting systems.

But the public hearings may be window-dressing for a rigged process. It appears that critical decisions about how we tabulate votes - the very core of our democracy - are being influenced, and perhaps controlled, by lobbyists and political fixers more concerned about their power, perks and paychecks than the public good.

As watchdogs have warned for years, the private corporations that manufacture and service voting machines are salivating over the prospect of supplying New York with voting machines."

Read the whole article. It will make your hair curl.
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